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You deserve to have the best attorney representing you for your injury. The right attorney will use their skills and years of experience to get you the compensation you deserve for your injury or loss. The Law Offices of Rene H. Pimentel have successfully represented hundreds of clients and recovered millions of dollars in damages for individuals and families who are suffering through an unexpected accident or injury.
Over 30 Years Experience
Mr. Pimentel’s 30+ years practicing in California gives him an institutional knowledge that only comes from litigating a wide range of injury cases. He is respected by judges, opposing attorneys, and insurance company representatives. Mr. Pimentel's decades of experience will provide you the edge in getting the best results for your case.
Injury Cases Only
Injury law is our expertise. We handle cases involving accidents and injuries that occur at work (worker’s compensation law) or accidents that were caused as a result of someone else’s negligence (personal injury). For a free consultation, call us at (951) 788-2250.
Personalized Service
All clients get Mr. Pimentel’s personalized service and knowledge. Your case will not be passed down to a paralegal or assistant. He treats all his clients with the respect they deserve at this difficult time. The RHP Law Firm gets big results, yet does not lose sight of the more immediate aspects of a case like quickly returning phone calls. Mr. Pimentel does not “handle cases.” He fights for his clients that are experiencing real problems on an individual basis.

How do I choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you or someone you love has been injured caused by another’s negligence, you should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the details of your situation to protect your rights.

We recommend setting up an appointment with two or three other personal injury firms. This way you can compare our services. We want to prepare you now -- injury cases can take years to settle, no matter who you choose to represent you. This is one reason why it is important we meet in person. You should ultimately choose a competent attorney that you have a rapport with and feel comfortable calling for updates on your case. If we take your case,  we will give you a fee agreement in writing. 

What Legal Terms do I need to know?

The people working in the legal system have a special language describing the different aspects of a case like yours. Having a basic knowledge of the language lawyers use can help you better understand and explain your claim. We will be happy to give you a basic primer to the language that you will hear throughout the case. Here are some terms that be be helpful.

Negligence - “Negligence” is the failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in similar circumstances.

Duty - "Duty" is a legal obligation on the part of the reasonable party. The "reasonable party" owes a duty of care to those who happen upon their property or supervision. If the responsible party fails in their duty, they  may be deemed negligent.

Damages - "Damages" is the monetary compensation sought by plaintiffs in a personal injury case including lost wages, medical costs, pain and suffering, mileage, and other out of pocket expenses.

Punitive Damages - "Punitive damages" are the damages sought to punish the negligent party and deter future negligence on the part of others.

Statute of Limitation - A "statute of limitation" is an expiration date on when you can file a case after an injury. 

How would I find one of the best Personal Injury Lawyers in Riverside, California?

The Law Offices of Rene H. Pimentel fight for your fair compensation for the injuries you have suffered. For over 30 years, Mr. Pimentel has focused on injury and accident law. The RHP Law Firm limits the amount of cases they take to give their clients personalized attention.  When a case involves both a work-related injury (workers compensation law) and a third party negligence (personal injury law), Mr. Pimentel can handle both.  By emphasising his practice on California Injury Law and obtaining hundreds of successful settlements for over 30 years, Mr. Pimentel's clients consider him as being among the best personal injury attorneys in Riverside. Due to the personalized attention he gives his clients and his 30 years experience as an attorney, his previous clients can attest to the successful results obtained. The RHP Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the rights and fighting for just compensation for the injured throughout the Inland Empire.

The question is -- “Do you have a case?” You may be struggling with mounting medical bills, loss of income, and/or chronic pain. We know that deciding to pursue a lawsuit can be a difficult decision. Sometimes, even just making the first call to a lawyer to explain the situation regarding your injury can feel intimidating. You owe it to yourself to call an attorney right away to discuss the details of your situation and get a professional appraisal of your situation so you can take the next step. 

In every case, our firm fights for your maximum recovery. Mr. Pimentel has the legal  knowledge and the experience to build an effective case aimed at getting you the maximum results possible. Mr. Pimentel built this law firm to provide every client with the attention and dedication they need. Please be assured that we will fight for you in and out of the courtroom.

Riverside personal injury lawyer, Rene H. Pimentel, will represent clients in a variety of cases, including:
All Accidents, Airbag Injury, Automobile Accidents and Injuries, Automobile Collisions, Automobile Negligence, Bicycle Accidents, Birth Trauma, Boat Accidents, Boating Accidents, Bodily Injury, Brain Injury, Burn Injuries, Bus Accidents, Car Accidents, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Catastrophic Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Chemical Explosions, Chemical Exposure, Commercial Vehicle Liability, Construction Accidents, Construction Site Accidents, Defective Hip Implants, Dog Bite Injuries, Drunk Drivers, Electrical Injury, Elevator Liability, Erbs Palsy, Escalator Liability, Explosions, Flammable Fabrics, Head Injury, Hip Fractures, Inadequate Security, Insurance Policyholder Claims, Internal Injuries, Liposuction Malpractice, Medical Malpractice, Medical Negligence, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injuries, Motorcycle Accidents, Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse, Pedestrian Injuries, Personal Injury, Power Line Contact Injury, Premises Liability, Private Security Litigation, Radiation Injury, Railroad Crossing Accidents, Repetitive Stress Injury, Scaffolding Liability, School Bus Accidents, Seat Belt Injury, Serious Injury, Severe Burns, Sexual Abuse, Slip And Fall Accidents, Spinal Cord Injuries, Spinal Injury, Surgical Errors, Third Party Wrongful Death, TMJ Dysfunction, Torts, Tourist Injuries, Toxic Exposure, Toxic Torts, Traffic Accidents, Train Derailments, Traumatic Brain Injury, Truck Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Unnecessary Surgeries, Vehicle Accidents, Vehicle Rollovers, Whiplash, Workers’ Compensation (accidents or injuries at work), Workplace Accidents, and Wrongful Death.

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